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Valentines Day ❀️

I hope that everyone had a good Valentines day! This is my partner and I’s 7th one together, we just went out to the cinema to see Knock At The Cabin, which was really good! I am just seeing now that it doesn’t have great ⭐️ ratings but I would have given it a 5 personally : ) On Friday we are going to do some pottery painting to celebrate Valentines aswell

Here are the goodies my wonderful partner gave me πŸ’•



Buddy wanted to help us decorate the tree!
I was very surprised to see a parasaur again!
My collection of wooden toys so far

Sorry for the massive delay in posts everyone! I have been busy lately with work and just life in general and couldn’t find much time to post. I should be back with it now though :


We went out to do some Christmas shopping in a place we’ve never been to before. We had to take a short boat trip to get there

On the way there

And here is just a bunch of pictures of things I thought were cool while we were out!

I was tempted by these because I love the art on them but I didn’t cave in haha
Star Wars claw machine! C3p0 was buried so I didn’t think it would be worth the hassle
Animal Jam backpack in a charity shop
Fun Sylvanian Families display in Smyths
I love the Giraffe family!!!
Cute Spirit play set
I thought that he was SO COOL. I love that his arms and tail are rubbery. I also love how they’re in original style Star Wars packaging!

It was nice to get out and it was also fun to ride on the boat too since it was a completely different experience! I hope we will go over there again someday


Buddy made a shoe train!
22 days to go, which feels close and far at the exact same time…
Then I got this little Robbin in a sled! I wonder if the tree is his or someone else’s?

I had yesterday & today off for my weekend so I think I’ll spend the day just moseying about. Cleaning and playing games where I can! Of course I started my morning off with some Animal Crossing New Leaf

Talking to my villagers…

I really don’t think I’ll be getting this done especially since I need to travel to another town, sorry Barold
I can’t remember what this villager looks like from name alone, but I’m not going to look them up. I wanna leave it as a surprise
This is my first time seeing Gulliver!
I got this shelf for my Mom’s house
That statue I got from Redd the other day actually turned out to be real!
Found a Gyroid that I’ve never seen before…I love his happy face so I replaced the blue one I had sitting here instead with him
Started up funding to bring Resetti back!

Since we were out of groceries I decided to have McDonalds enough. Funnily like 10 minutes after I finished eating my lunch our grocery order came lol

This was the toy I got. A bit disappointed because I had selected the book option instead. But I don’t have this Elf so one can go on the tree and I’ll give the other one to someone else : )

After lunch I decided that I’d get a start on wrapping for Christmas & Eli’s birthday gifts too. He reads these so I won’t be posting. Other than that my day was pretty uneventful. Just feeling tired and back to work tomorrow so I took the rest of the day to just hang out!

Advent Day 2 πŸŽ„πŸŽβœ¨

I had a busy day yesterday so this post is a bit late, I hope that nobody minds!

Buddy decided to go fishing…thankfully he didn’t catch anyone!
I got the best dino in my calendar
And I also got these 3 little rabbits!

We were visiting Eli’s Mom so I didn’t get many pictures. We looked in a couple shops while waiting for the bus but that was it!

My travel buddy
I loved this cute worm pen
These socks were SO cute. If it weren’t for the price and size of them though…even the smallest sized adult socks are too big for my feet haha

Advent Day 1 πŸŽ„πŸŽβœ¨

I started this tradition a few years ago, and I will be continuing it on this year! Where I will post what Buddy has been up to, what I got in my advent calendar, and then little snippets of things I’ve done throught each day. A month is a long time so I might not be always posting every day but I will be whenever I feel like it! Just for fun : D

Buddy turned Noel into an elf to match him!
I got rexy in my chocolate calendar today, but she is a little hard to see. 24 days to go! ( Buddy brought me this countdown calendar )
From the calendar my partner made me, I got a wooden tree. I love the robbins nesting inside : D

After work I decided to play some Animal Crossing, just to chill out and do my dailies before I started on finishing Christmas decorations & tidying

Woohoo! Lot’s of cash

First I decided to talk to all my villagers that I could find ( photos below )

I found a lost item last night and didn’t end up finding the owner. It looks like it was Barold!
It’s kind of cute but I don’t think I’ll be keeping it for myself…
Frita wanted this log bench so I placed it right outside her house
Redd is in town! This is my first time seeing him so far
This is what I decided on. We’ll see if it’s real or not tomorrow

Now it’s time to go hit the shops!

I don’t have a use for this yet but I thought it was cute so I bought it to put into my storage
I think I might use this as a kitchen table!
I probably won’t use this anywhere but I want it for my collection
Prepping for Christmas…
It’s getting colder!
I visibly went β€œomg” when I saw these. I’ll probably be wearing them 24/7
Hurray! My Apatosaurus is complete : D
I got this sofa from a balloon
My new outfit sporting those amazing rainbow socks

All of my families players now have full houses too instead of living in tents. So I figured I’d show!

My Dad
My Mom
My brother
I also decided to make my 3ds Christmas themed!

Animal Crossing New Leaf 🐾

I know I’m not alone in feeling like Animal Crossing New Horizons fell flat…for me there is just a million reasons why I felt like it didn’t provide what I needed it to for an Animal Crossing game to be enjoyable ( for me ). Something about the entire game just stresses me out so much, I think it’s the emphasis on decoration rather than anything else. I’m not exactly sure. After the game updated those overwhelming feelings came 10000% and I haven’t really picked it up since then…

So instead I started playing Animal Crossing New Leaf again. This game was one I actually started much, much earlier in the year during the summer time and only picked it back up again recently. I’ve really been enjoying it a whole bunch. Funnily enough I am loving decorating my town, it just feels so rewarding as opossed to how it feels in New Horizons. I can’t really explain why

On that note if anyone has any items for me on either game ( New Leaf or New Horizons ) please let me know! Because I didn’t play New Horizons much aside from the first few months it came out that means I don’t have a whole ton of content for that game, and my New Leaf file is well…new so I also do not have a ton of furniture on there either!


Here’s a bit of a town tour for what it looks like right now! Super sorry if the screenshots sucks, it was nighttime when I took these. The 3ds image share tool no longer works so I just take pictures of my DS screen : P

My front room

My bedroom

My house

First PWP

Train station

Town flag

Orchard 1

Orchard 2

Second PWP ( thankyou to my friend Leo for paying it off for me haha)

The beach

My map


I hope you all enjoyed!! All patterns / paths in this game are made by me : D Which is a pattern I want to keep going in all of my Animal Crossing games going forward. Happy to add anyone on 3ds to play too!